Senkoe - Mexico

Born and raised in Mexico City, Senkoe’s love of art started at an early age, painting the walls of his mothers’ home. Inspired by the trains that traveled down from California to Mexico that were covered in local graffiti, Senkoe started to evolve as an artist. One of the major themes in Senkoe’s work is the discussion of identity. He mixes mystica imagery with references to pop culture, graphic design and modern illustration to create bold artistic statements.

For Azul, Senkoe drew inspiration from the Puebla region, an area in Mexico that specializes in ceramics and talavera. Senkoe mixed sacred geometry and nature to tie together the entire ambiance and environment of the Latin seafood cuisine with the use of the octopus and crab murals that wrap the walls of Azul. His art overtakes the nationalist discourse and goes beyond the border; they make use of a language that graces the mystical and spiritual profundities tied to the natural forces, use of colors, shamanism and magic. Fused into a Mexican chimeric identity, he constructs what can be called a narrative graffiti that results in his work stimulating the imagination of the passerby in a kind of animalistic and dream.

Senkoe’s bold, colorful and stunningly beautiful murals can be seen throughout the restaurant and Azul’s terrace ceiling.